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Photography is an expressive art form that truly captures the sentimental essence of the moment allowing us to forever hold the memories in our hands. While it’s a convenient way of freezing time, it’s also another way of documenting your life, sharing your experiences and storytelling. You can find the best photos that convey the atmosphere of The Best Beaches on Costa Blanca (Alicante Province), Accessories with skulls - varieties, meanings, properties, 15 unknown facts about amber or read an interesting article about Tuluminati Hats: Bohemian Way to Stand Out by clicking on the links to the article.

Our objection is to create a blog that categorizes and share the many different types of photography style around the world. With the main goal to hopefully inspire amateur-turned-professional photographers or even well-recognized photographers.

We truly believe a picture is worth 1000 words, and we want to rekindle your love for photography with the opportunity to share some of your artistic images with us!

We thrive on providing unique and educational content displayed together with striking photography that enables the audience to interpret the story for themselves. Alternatively, we want to be the ‘go to’ source for photography enthusiasts who need a stimulus for creativity.


Image shows stalks with lavender flowers photographed with a shallow depth of field. (lavandula angustifolia)


 To capture the perfect panoramic landscape photograph, most photographers would agree that you need to be at the right place at the right time. Whether you’re photographing the beautiful waters of Maldives or the bustling city of New York, it’s important to time your photos, as the level of lighting can critically affect the outcomes of your pictures.

A beautiful landscape photograph can captivate the audience’s imagination with the bold colours contrasting perfectly with the textures displayed.

We know sometimes you can miss your opportunity with lighting, so most professional photographers will edit their pictures to enhance the main features within the photos. Find out how they do it and what programs they’re currently using with our constant updates on relevant information.

Click here to view our favourite landscape photographs and tips on how to perfect your landscape photos.



If you’re an aspiring wedding photographer or just simply love capturing the moment two loving souls celebrate their love; then you’ve come to the right place for advice.

We know that when you’re asked to be a personal photographer at a wedding it can be a little overwhelming! You’re expected to singlehandedly capture all the procession and events for the day! That means photographing all the finer details (bride’s dress, groom’s suit, decorations, etc.), emotions, guests and most importantly the bride and groom.

We’ll provide you with an endless amount of existing wedding photography to give you ideas on how you want to approach your next wedding. How to confidently re-tell the bride and groom’s love story in a much more personalised way.




Famous Photographers

To keep your creative juices flowing we’ve compiled a list of fantastic blogs and famous photographers that you should follow. These blogs will not only be an educational guide to bettering your skills, but should give you an insight on the best cameras to use for top quality pictures.

Such famous photographers like Joe McNally, who currently has a whopping 60 thousand plus people following him on twitter (if you haven’t seen his work yet, we’d highly recommend you do so); Joe’s unique photography style has earned him a few published photographs for National Geographic, and Sports Illustrator.

Our famous photographers are all experts in manipulating a photograph to convey emotions from their targeted audiences. With a bit of exploring from our site you’ll, be able to learn their secrets in no time with the possibility of becoming well recognised yourself!

We’re here to assist you with mastering the photography skill, whether your passion is for fashion, landscape, weddings, commercial or freelance photography, you’re off to a great start and you’ll find all you need to know right here.

Stay tuned for tips, tricks and all the essential lighting techniques to capture that special shot.